New Album Divided
Out Now


Divided is Carlos Thurler’s first solo album, comprised of ten original songs written and produced by the artist. It is a guitar driven album infused with 90s alternative rock sounds ranging from grunge and hard rock territory to more emotional, vulnerable ballads.

Recordings took place in Brazil and Canada between December 2021 and August 2022. Thurler recorded all guitars, bass guitars and vocals, while in Brazil fellow musicians Tony Coutinho and Caco Gonçalves recorded drums and Daniel Rodrigues recorded piano and organ. The album was mixed by the renowned English producer Chris Sheldon, who has worked with Foo Fighters, Therapy?, Anthrax and Pixies, among others.

Based in Toronto, Carlos Thurler began working on new material soon after the pandemic hit in 2020. What was initially a small bunch of new songs began shaping up to become a full length album, as Thurler worked on unfinished ideas and polished old songs he had written years before. The result is a collection of songs that reflect some of his biggest influences and showcases his versatility as a songwriter.

Growing up in Brazil in the 90s, Thurler became a rock fan during an extremely transformative decade for the genre, and soaked in as much as he could: everything from heavy metal, to punk, to grunge – with the Seattle bands making a particularly strong impression on the youngster. Soon enough he would take up the guitar as his instrument of choice and begin his musical journey, forming bands with high school friends by the age of 15.

It’s no surprise those early influences found their way to his debut solo effort, in a sort of return to origins, all the while the creation of something new, contemporary and very personal was taking place. In addition, other styles and different musical flavours Thurler delved into over the years helped shape some of the songs on Divided.

Carlos Thurler has 25 years of experience in music, playing guitar in tribute and original bands. In 2008 he recorded a full-length album in Brazil with local indie band Monovida, before moving to London (UK), where he later worked and recorded with local singer-songwriter James Daniel Best.

Over the next few years, more intense stints as a gigging musician followed before his move to Canada. Now, with the release of Divided, a new exciting chapter begins in Thurler’s career.

The album will be released this summer on all major streaming platforms. The lead single, and title track, “Divided” is out July 28th.